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Experience the ePEN 3 for 28 days. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

About the trial

The 28-Day Trial is your money-back guarantee for ePen 3 satisfaction. You’ll get a Trial Kit, which includes an ePen 3 device, USB charging cable and a variety of flavours for $65. At the end of the trial, if you’re not satisfied you can return the complete trial kit for a full refund.

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Getting started

The Trial Kit comes with one Crisp Mint and one Blended Tobacco 18mg/ml nicotine cartridges, as well as five more packs of your choice. Choose from our 13 flavours and four nicotine levels.

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ePen 3 device

Along the way

We want to make sure you’re enjoying your new device, so we’ll be checking in by email from time to time*.

*If you choose to receive communications from us

Day 28

Happy with your ePen 3? Great! You can order more cartridge packs to enjoy. Not totally happy? Just return the complete Trial Kit for a full refund.