How Much Nicotine is in your eLiquid?

January 1, 2019

How Much Nicotine Is In Your eLiquid?

It’s easy to get a bit lost amongst all the different eLiquid flavours and vaping devices, not to mention the terminology around them.

One important thing for first-time vapers to understand is nicotine strength – how much nicotine you’re taking in when you vape. Different people prefer different strengths, so you need to find the one that you prefer.

How is nicotine strength measured?

The concentration of nicotine in an eLiquid is measured in milligrams of nicotine per millilitre of eLiquid. This is generally written as ‘mg/ml’, and it’s this number you’ll see on the front of Vype eLiquid bottles. The higher the number, the more nicotine in your vapour.

Different strengths of Vype eLiquids

Vype eLiquids are available in a range of nicotine strengths, from 0mg/ml (no nicotine) to 18mg/ml (our strongest nicotine dose).

Of course, it’s difficult to suggest a nicotine strength. A whole range of factors influence how much nicotine a person will take in with a single puff – from which device you’re using, to how much vapour you take in per inhalation, to the vaper’s metabolism.

Where to start?

As a new vaper, you might want to start with our less concentrated eLiquids - labelled ‘6mg/ml’ – and deciding from there how strong you want to go.

If you’ve used other nicotine products before, such as cigarettes, you might want to start off with a higher dosage – like our 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml eLiquids. Nicotine is absorbed differently when vaping, and affects people at a different speed. The key is to try out some different strengths and work out which one you prefer.

If you just want to use our flavours on their own, without any nicotine, then our nicotine-free 0mg/ml lets you do just that. Now that you know what the numbers on the bottle mean we hope you’ll have an easier time navigating through the Vype products.

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