Vype Portfolio

February 4, 2019

The Vype portfolio, having recently expanded, includes a new range of available products. These vaping products are available in open and closed systems, each including their own characteristics and are tailored to satisfy different consumer preferences.

ePen 3

The ePen 3 is an easy-to-use closed system device that is pocket sized and delivers rich vapour. The device functions under a click-and-fit system and delivers an approximate amount of 200 puffs per cartridge. The ePen 3 can easily be activated by button and offers performance-driven battery for all day use*.

This device is currently available in a range of colours, such as: graphite black, white, red, blue, silver and champagne gold. Furthermore, many different flavours and nicotine strengths are currently available, cartridges either including free base nicotine or vPro nicotine salts options.


*all day use based on typical usage.


The ePod is a puff activated closed system device that includes vPro nicotine salts cartridges. Delivering approximately 300 puffs per cartridge, the device is easy to use with a one-click magnetic charger. The ePod also has a smart draw capability, in which air flow automatically triggers the power unit to activate the heating element.

eTank Pro 2

The eTank Pro 2 is an open system device that uses eLiquid bottles and has a consistent vape from start to finish. The device includes a Japanese cotton wick and delivers delicious and intense flavours. The eTank Pro 2 also offers a 50% battery capacity increase when compared to its predecessor, the eTank Pro, and includes a quartz glass tank for higher durability.

This modern and sleek designed device is currently offered in four colours (Red, Silver, Blue and Black), with each tank fill offering approximately 125 puffs.


The eStick consists of the smallest device on the Vype portfolio range, mainly characterized as having a cig-a-like format, while also being puff activated. Its sleek and slim design goes on to include screw-in cartridges, a no-spill design and a USB chargeable port. The eStick is lightweight, portable and overall considered easy to use.

The eStick, also considered a closed system device, has cartridges that deliver an approximate of 200 puffs each. This device is currently available in the colour black and currently has an availability of 2 flavours, these being Toasted Tobacco and Cool Spearmint, both offered in 18 mg/ml nicotine strength.

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